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The area of Business Intelligence is one of the most active ones in the late years. The need to develop customer relationship models, to mine large business data bases, to find effective interfaces in e-commerce are some of the hot topics in the area. Still, the business environment is characterised by complexity and is subject to external factors that make traditional models to operate only under ideal conditions. The problem of building systems that adapt to the users and in particular situations is present more than ever as competition is pressing in this area for effective and aggressive solutions.

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Some possible directions SAS can be applied in Finance, Trade & Services application areas:
  • Effective data mining in large business data bases (banks, insurances, super market chains etc.)
  • On line services that encompass advanced adaptive user interfaces
  • Modeling of business or financial operations using Intelligent systems in order to provide robustness and adaptivity
  • Verification and fraud detection systems that adapt to prevent multifarious fraudulent behaviour
  • Forecasting
  • Job Scheduling and optimisation
  • Business consulting

The Key Nodes involved in Finance, Trade & Services applications are to engage in technology transfer and research according to the activity plan but also by initiating task forces.

Industrial members should benefit from:
  • Receiving free information (case studies, consultancy etc.) provided by other members.
  • Networking for creating consortia for projects as EUNITE provides a great pool of relevant Academic Research and Industrial partners.
  • Identifying the future trends and hot areas in Finance, Trade & Services applications of Smart Adaptive Systems and Hybrid Systems.
  • Increased interaction Academia-Industry as it can lead the direction of academic work in this field
  • Contributing relevant benchmark problems (via Technology Transfer) and get an insight of the benefits SAS can achieve in their specific problems.
  • Getting information and training in workshops, tutorials and other educational activities of EUNITE (via Training and Education) so they get an advantage vis-a-vis their competitors.

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