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European Symposium on Intelligent Technologies, Hybrid Systems and their implementation on Smart Adaptive Systems

10 - 12 June 2004 in Aachen, Germany


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Introduction to eunite 2004

eunite2004 is the fourth symposium organised by the European Network of Excellence EUNITE from 10 - 12 June 2004. The symposium will show state-of-the-art presentations as well as new developments in the so called Intelligent Technologies: fuzzy logic, neural networks, evolutionary computation and machine learning. The focus will be on hybrid systems that combine two or more of these technologies and/or address issues on adaptivity, preferably with special interest to solve industrial problems. The aim is also to investigate Adaptive Intelligent Systems that coordinate perception, reasoning, and action to pursue multiple goals while functioning autonomously in dynamic environments. EUNITE 2004 will have parallel sessions where experts present their newest developments and applications in different areas.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

Intelligent & Hybrid Developments and Applications in
  • Intelligent Control – Methodology (special interest in adaptivity issues) and Applications
  • Databases and Intelligent Information Retrieval
  • Smart Decision Support Systems
  • Data Analysis
  • Signal Processing
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Image Processing
Learning in:
  • Complex i/o Behaviors
  • Optimization and Planning
  • Reasoning
  • Reasoning with Uncertainty
  • Performing Complex Cognitive Tasks
Adaptive WWW based Systems
  • WWW Recommender Systems
  • WWW Metadata for User Modeling
  • Adaptive Hypermedia Systems
  • Security and Privacy Aspects of User Models on the WWW
  • Intelligent WWW Agents for Personalization and Adaptivity
  • Adaptive Navigation
  • Personalization and Adaptivity in E-commerce
  • Intelligent Tutoring Systems on the WWW
Artificial Systems with Adaptive behavior
  • Perception and Motor Control
  • Learning and Development
  • Autonomous and Intelligent Robots
  • Adaptive Models and Representation
  • Software Agents and Virtual Creatures
  • Simulators
  • Web Based Simulators
  • Web Based Tutorials
  • Internet Teaching
  • Online Exams
  • Web Based Tools for Education
Additionally the Technical Committees of EUNITE are responsible for organising workshops on:
  • Applications in Industry and Production Planning
  • Applications in Traffic Control and Transportation
  • Applications in Multimedia, Networking and Telecommunication
  • Medicine and Biomedical Applications
  • Applications Financial Engineering and Forecasting
Promoting inter-networking activities, EUNITE is aiming to co-organise sessions with other relevant communities and networks like:
  • AgentLink
  • Knowledge Discovery community
  • ... (if you are an active member of such a network or community and wish to co-organise a session during eunite 2004 please contact us)
During eunite 2004 the participants will have the opportunity:
  • to discuss and exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face
  • to establish business or research relations with those people who are important in the area of the symposium
  • to find European partners for future collaboration
Who will benefit?
  • Practitioners interested in the benefits of using Intelligent Technologies like Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Machine Learning and Evolutionary Computation to solve their problems
  • Consultants, applied researchers and people in industry who are already running projects with intelligent technologies and want to exchange their experience in successful projects
  • Researchers wanting to identify important research problems for the coming years
  • Individuals wanting to keep up to date with recent developments
  • Those who have recently entered this rapidly expanding field, requiring a complete perspective of the subject and its applications.
Why attend ?

eunite 2004 provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Keep up to date with the state-of-the-art in this rapidly advancing and expanding field
  • Meet consultants, researchers and people from industry to discuss possible applications of intelligent technologies
  • Get to know successfully exploited technical as well as management applications of intelligent technologies in different industrial sectors
  • Exchange your experiences in successful projects with other practitioners
  • Make out future research problems
  • Gain new perspectives on the relevance of intelligent technologies to commercial and industrial requirements, through the example of commercially-established applications
  • Be part of a forum for industry and academia, and ensure improved collaboration on future developments


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