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Roadmap Activity Plan
Objectives and target groups
  • To reflect the global vision of the network on the development of technology, markets, education and the way, how to influence it; the network itself.
  • To focus research interest on finding solutions for important problems related to adaptive systems and which can significantly influence the everyday life; research community
  • To recommend possible target areas and technological challenges for research; financing bodies.
  • To analyse business trends on global scale from the viewpoint of the future scope and impact of the integration of Intelligent Technologies and the applications of Smart Adaptive systems; different sectors of economy.
  • To provide also a practical guideline for the non-expert which he can consult regarding what Intelligent Technology is appropriate for his problem; practically anyone.
  1. Roadmap; a concise monograph answering to the above objectives. Should not exceed 50 pages in size.
  2. State-of-the-art surveys from the areas of Eunite Committees. Could be published as papers in journals, or (preferably) as an edited book.
  3. Links to other Eunite deliverables and other materials.
  1. Input from Committees: There is an obligation in Workpackages for RTD and IBA Committees to provide background material for Roadmap, preferably before the Steering Committee Meeting in September. For RTD Committees it means a brief introduction to the current theoretical issues and links to recent publications. Also a short definition of the terminology is necessary. This report will be completed by pointing out new directions for research. IBA Committees should participate by providing surveys of existing and potential new applications on their areas. Also case studies and "success stories" should be encouraged.
  2. Roadmap contributions are not included in corresponding Workpackages for TE and TT committees. This could be solved by hiring a person in Oulu who first starts to collect information on teaching Intelligent Technologies, and on software and other tools available on market. The results would be later reviewed by TE and TT Committees. The person could later continue working with background materials that RTD and IBA Committees provide.


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