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The initiation of "Task forces" is an effective and flexible tool for the network in order to deal with issues that are of interest for EUNITE, arise during the lifetime of the project and were not foreknown by the Workpackages in the technical Annex1. There is budget already foreseen for task forces. All EUNITE members are strongly encouraged to participate actively in the network activities by initiating task forces: they can submit their proposal to the Steering Committee which is responsible to decide on the quality and grant approval.


The procedure of initiating, approving, implementing, reporting and evaluating a Task Force is depicted as follows:  

Some ideas for Task forces
  • Create a repository for algorithms (for example in a programming language like C, or in Matlab code) related to Intelligent Hybrid Systems and adaptivity
  • Create an Intelligent and adaptive to the user search engine (EUNITE e-archives can be the first test bed)
  • Develop a learning module in www that is addressed in a multidisciplinary audience (e.g. engineers & medical doctors) and is a) creating basic awareness for each discipline and b) give the potential of Intelligent Technologies in the Medical field


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