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Intelligent technologies play an important role in the development of adaptive systems. Information society is expected to use Machine Intelligence as a key tool to build so called ”Ambient Intelligence” environments where intelligent systems will play an important role. The EU ISTAG research report confirms these intentions and the role of Machine Intelligence in this process. So development of adaptive Intelligent Systems is an extremely important and actual topic. Adaptability is a key issue in building a prediction system which is based on history analysis and mathematical function extrapolation. The development and study of highly adaptive systems which are able to provide an extrapolation of the static as well as dynamically changing function are the basic elements of the intelligent systems. From this point of view the aim of the competition was to point out the most important and promising technology in this area as a part of intelligent systems in general. The important factor of the competition is that the event is organized with the real company which provided real data. The real data factor shows the encouragement of the approaches to use them in real world problems what is the aim of the technology transfer committee (TTC) of EUNITE.

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