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The event had its own WEB page with ability to monitor the access for evaluation reasons. The EUNITE competition URL address was . The competition was run with the aim to held the ”equal policy information” for all competition participants and provide a full service including data consultant and Web related problems consultant. The Web page was established on the easy access Internet Web point. The total access was over 15000 (Hits) from over a 1000 different IP addresses (Visits) and the diagram shows the development of the access based on the time schedule set up by competition committee.

The promotion of the competition was done and after some hesitation 56 persons from various countries have registered as is shown on the following diagram. The registration was a condition to get access to the data provided by the committee. The structure of the registered people shows that the competition was really worldwide and EUNITE has made a good promotion of this event to get the best possible results to prove that intelligent technologies are very useful tools for everyday problems and will be a part of information society.

Company behind the competition

The company behind was The Eastern Slovakian Electricity distribution Center ( of which the control center was involved. The General Director Dr.Jozef Bojtos supported the activity and Dr. Norbert Hlinka was the contact person from the Eastern Slovakian Electricity distribution Control and coordination center. The real data was processed and prepared for the competition by cooperation of VSE and the center of intelligent technologies. The representative of VSE took part in theEUNITE conference in Spain were official evaluation was made and competition awards were given to the competition winners.

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1st Competition

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