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The original data sets can be downloaded here:


Over 18 solutions were submitted to the board to evaluate the results. The form of submission was in simple 31 numbers for expected load for January and research paper from each participant to describe the basic approach in the form of the short research report to be able to evaluate the research approach. The final evaluation was made by the board so nobody knew the results because the valid accuracy of prediction was calculated by the evaluation board and nobody knew the results before final closing of the competition and official announcement of the results. From this point we do feel that the competition was kept fair and under equal policy conditions. The evaluation was done by 2 coefficients which are correlated and evaluation priority was given to the mean value and the max error. The results are shown on the following diagram.

Interesting is the comparison of the best and the worse results. The comparison study shows that the shape of the extrapolated curve was found just a shifting was indicated as it is seem on the following diagram.


EUNITE supported the competition by financial support of the following 3 winners:

The winners are:

1st Chih-Jen LIN, Dept. of Computer Science, National Taiwan Univ. TW

2nd David ESP, National Grid UK

3rd Werner BROCKMANN, Institute of Computer Engineering, Med. Univ. Luebeck, DE

The best result was awarded by covering all expenses of the EUNITE conference in Spain and the 2nd and 3rd winners were awarded by covering accommodation and fee expenses during this event. Their presentations can be found in the next chapter.

Presentation of the winners

The presentations of the winners can be downloaded here:



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