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The EUNITE Software Patent Services

Patents reveal solutions to technical problems, and they represent an inexhaustable source of information: more than 80 percent of man's technical knowledge is described in patent literature.

With the background of about 15,000 granted European Patents on "software related inventions" most of them held by non
European global players from the US or Japan it is necessary to support small and mid size European companies in this important
field. Many of them are high technology oriented using softcomputing technologies for software developments or related applications,
but don't have enough information and legal advice in the patentability of software inventions under national and European law.

The network will establish a set of patent guidelines with open access for all nodes.
In particular entrepreneurs should profit by this TTC activity.
In an second step the network will offer with the help of a patent attorney an
individual free of charge first advice for interested companies and developers.
In addition the guideline will be updated via the use of current examples with related comments.

Why Patents are being used to Protection Computer Software ?

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