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The esp@cenet network search for Patent applications in their original language from

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The function of patents is to protect inventions. To do this, they must be published and made available to the public. However, not only do patents contain solutions to technical problems, they also represent an almost inexhaustible source of information. In fact, more than 80% of all the technical knowledge in the world can be found in patent literature.

To promote the utilisation of this information and to widen the existing channels for the dissemination of patent information, the European Patent Office got together in summer 1998 with the member states of the European Patent Organisation and the European Commission to launch a new service called esp@cenet, which is easily accessible via the Internet.

The main aim of this new service is to provide users with a readily accessible source of free patent information. It also aims to improve awareness at national and international level, in particular among small and medium-sized enterprises, of the kind of information that is accessible to the public.The fact that esp@cenet is designed primarily for the general public is no coincidence, as the needs of patent search professionals are already met by the large number of existing on-line services.

A search carried out in the esp@cenet database cannot replace a professional search. The information furnished is not exhaustive and this service cannot be considered as a complete and official source of patent information.


DEPATISnet is a service provided to you by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office. You can conduct online searches in patent publications from around the world stored in the database of DEPATIS, the in-house patent information system of the GPTO. When a search has been performed, the result list will be displayed. Selecting retrieved documents from your result list leads to display of the bibliographic data (title, applicant, inventor...) of that document. The original document can also be displayed in PDF format. You can browse the displayed document backwards and forwards or you can jump directly to certain parts of documents (subdocuments) eg claims, drawing, description etc. Printing of the document page by page is also available. This service is free of charge.

Data are imported into DEPATIS in the original language (eg JP abstracts in English, title and abstracts of French documents in French). When searching documents of specific countries, search terms must be in the appropriate language (eg English for JP abstracts).To meet the requirements of both casual searchers and professional users, DEPATISnet offers five different search modes:

Beginner's search

The Beginner's mode is suitable for simple queries using provided search fields. You will find the search criteria in a search interface with input fields where you can type in your search terms. For correct input of search terms, please refer to the Help pages. In case you require information on terms used in the world of patents, please refer to the introduction on this subject.

Expert search

The Expert mode assists you in creating complex queries. In this mode, you may use all defined search criteria in a free query input field and combine terms to form long and complex queries using Boolean Operators. The applied syntax follows MIMOSA syntax. Buttons are provided for convenient construction of advanced search queries.

IKOFAX search

In this mode, experienced users can construct and run searches using IKOFAX syntax (internal query language of the GPTO). The IKOFAX mode allows to access data using the SEARCH command.

Assisted search

In this mode you can draft plain-language queries. You can forward your request to one of the listed Patent Information Centres (PICs). You will get support from experts of the Patent Information Centres, which might be supplemented by chargeable services.

Patent family search

This mode allows to ascertain documents related to a specific document (members of a patent family). You may initiate the search directly from the result list or from the family search mode.

DPMA 2001

Delphion Search for US Granted Patents

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